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Income Tax Savings: Take Advantage of Bonus Depreciation

Income Tax Savings: Take Advantage of Bonus Depreciation

The new tax law allows Bonus Depreciation on used equipment and equipment affiliated with residential rental real estate providing significant tax benefits for investors who purchase or place-in-service buildings and building components after September 27, 2017, according to  Tom Wheelwright, CPA ( Investment real estate has 4 components: Land –  not depreciable, Building  –  depreciated […]

New Tax Law Affects Apartment Property Owners

Congress and the President gave the country a huge Christmas present with the signing of the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” on December 22, 2017.  We have all heard varying accounts about this new tax law; but what is the impact for rental property, apartment property, and commercial-investment real estate owners and managers? Our models […]

Security Deposit Interest Rate for Maryland Residential Tenants

Landlords must pay 2.6% interest on residential security deposits for calendar year 2019.  Interest is computed monthly.  The rate is mandated by Maryland Law to be the greater of 1.5% or the US Treasury Yield Curve Rate for 1-year on the first business day of each year.   Click here: On January 2, 2019, […]

Maryland Property Tax Assessment Notices

At Christmastime each year, one-third of Maryland property owners receive a new real property tax assessment notice. Property owners are advised to review the notice carefully, as a written response is required within 45 days if the value proposed by the Department of Assessments is higher than the owner’s Fair Market Value opinion. The State’s […]

Seller Financing

I was asked, “What is the advantage for a seller to take-back financing?” In most cases, the seller can earn a higher monthly income taking back financing than selling the property, paiying the taxes, and putting the balance into a savings account. Selling and paying the capital gains tax, leaves me with less money to reinvest.  Holding  financing, […]