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Legislative Update: 2017 Maryland General Assembly

Every winter the Maryland General Assembly meets for a period of 90 days to consider laws.  Landlords and rental property owners and developers can breathe a sigh of relief about these favorable outcomes: HB172, named “The Home Act”, would have…

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Baltimore City’s New Zoning Code

Baltimore City’s Zoning Code was written in 1971. The Planning Department has been working on a complete re-write of the zoning code for the last 10 years. The new code is designed to help the city be more walk-able, allowing,…

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Judge Stops Labor Rule

One more thing for which to be Thankful…on November 22, a Texas Federal Judge blocked the Department of Labor Overtime rule the was expected to make more than 4 million private sector workers eligible for extra pay.  21 States, the…

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Rent Court Changes Coming

Changes are coming to the Rent Court System for Baltimore City and possibly the entire State of Maryland.  Last year, the Public Justice Center, (Mayoral primary candidate Elizabeth Embry serves on the Board of the Public Justice Center) published a study portraying…

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