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Baltimore City Rental Property License and Registration – How to Register

Baltimore City Rental Property License and Registration – How to Register

Baltimore City implemented a new registration system for registering rent property, vacant property, and vacant lots.  In the past, forms and payment could be submitted by mail or by hand delivering the paper work to the One-Stop Permit Office on Fayette Street.  This year, all registration is required to be done on-line and all payments […]

Baltimore City License Law: Important Update September 11, 2018

Baltimore City License Law: Important Update September 11, 2018

The new inspection criteria has been published!  Version 3 is dated August 30, 2018, though it was released just yesterday.  Download the New Inspection Checklist NOTE REGARDING BUILDINGS WITH 3 or MORE DWELLINGS:  Only Single Family Houses and 2-Unit properties must be inspected by December 31, 2018.  Multi-Family Buildings (defined as two-dwelling units plus another […]

2018 Legislative Update

A couple of new laws of interest to landlords in Baltimore City as a result of the 2018 Maryland Legislative Session: Water Bills in single family houses and 2-unit properties, a requirement for the tenant to pay all or a portion of the water bill must be stated in a written lease agreement.  If the […]

New Tax Law Affects Apartment Property Owners

Congress and the President gave the country a huge Christmas present with the signing of the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” on December 22, 2017.  We have all heard varying accounts about this new tax law; but what is the impact for rental property, apartment property, and commercial-investment real estate owners and managers? Our models […]

Security Deposit Interest Rate for Maryland Residential Tenants

Landlords must pay 2.6% interest on residential security deposits for calendar year 2019.  Interest is computed monthly.  The rate is mandated by Maryland Law to be the greater of 1.5% or the US Treasury Yield Curve Rate for 1-year on the first business day of each year.   Click here: On January 2, 2019, […]

Lead Poisoning in Rental Housing: Summary of the latest report issued by the Maryland Department of the Environment

14,546 cases of children with poisonous levels of lead in their blood were reported in Maryland in 1994.  In that same year, the Maryland Legislature passed the Lead Poisoning Prevention Program, a progressive approach to solving the issue of Childhood Lead Poisoning in Maryland. This Program was designed and negotiated between the Child and Tenant […]

DISMISSED – Landlords Respond to Baltimore Sun Articles on Rent Court

I spent many hours beginning last June, meeting with a group that included tenant-advocates, people in the court system, the attorney general’s office, non-profits, and educators, to come up with ways to make the Rent Court system better.  Landlords supported more education for tenants and more resources, including student lawyers and “navigators” to help tenants […]